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a construction site with two excavators crushing concrete
a construction site with two excavators crushing concrete



Demolition, Excavation & Contracting Services: Trusted Experts

At Scott Contracting & Excavating, the original division of The Roc Doc Ventures, our demolition and excavation expertise spans a diverse spectrum of specialized projects. From the high-risk artistry of demolition to crafting cliffside retaining walls that withstand nature's forces, we're there every step of the way. Whether it's sending in heavy equipment by barge or transforming vast acres into thriving vineyards and creating flourishing orchards, we bring our unwavering commitment to excellence to every unique endeavor. Our portfolio showcases the range of challenges we embrace with precision and innovation, ensuring each project is a testament to our dedication to exceptional results.

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At our company, we prioritize environmental remediation in the Okanagan excavating industry, and this commitment extends to our responsible handling of metal and concrete recycling, with a goal of incorporating up to 80% recycled materials per demolition project.

Environmental stewardship is not merely a catchphrase for us; it's a profound responsibility that we hold in high regard. Our comprehensive services encompass the remediation, excavation, and sustainable disposal of contaminated materials, including our dedication to recycling metals and concrete. We bring a wealth of experience to projects in ecologically sensitive areas, such as creeks, rivers, and lakes.

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