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When it comes to earth moving, speed and accuracy and quality project management services are needed. Precise mobilization of machinery and cycle times are essential to a timely execution, all part of the preliminary stage of planning.  We will often meet with clients and general contractors early on to work out detailed, cost-saving planning of a project. Collaboration among the owners, engineers & various contractors can result in significant cost savings and an expedited project completion.

With several dirt work machines in motion at any one time, our experienced site foremen monitor and direct assets seamlessly at all times based on the required cuts and fills. The focus of all site foremen is on efficient and effective soil movement, moisture control, and compaction.  Our team handles site development including excavation, grading, backfill, underground services, road work, soil & aggregate trucking.

Scott Contracting & Excavating is your best resource for expert project management and the prompt completion of your project with competitive pricing.