okanagan demolition contractor

Scott Excavating has developed a wide range of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs and challenges of all phases of demolition. Scott Excavating offers demolition in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton & the Okanagan area.  We can take apart and remove old buildings, burned remnants or concrete structures such as slabs walls and foundations.

Scott Excavating has been recycling and providing re-purposed excavation materials, and we pass this commitment to the environment on to you as savings.  

Complete Demolition:

Complete removal of the residence, slab and surrounding features including sheds, garages and junk/debris.  We haul all waste to an approved landfill and keep documentation of all disposals.

Selective Demolition:

Selective structures in sensitive or small areas or neighbourhoods are handled with care & attention.

Commercial Demolition:

We understand that the demolition phase of a commercial project is often only the initial phase and that rebuilding will follow our work. As a result, our team will ensure that the work site is prepared for the next stage when we are done. 

Deconstruct to Repurpose:

We work with recyclables from most aspects of demolition and offer highly skilled operators who can segregate recyclable materials to make sure what can be recycled gets recycled.  At Scott Excavating not only are we about demolition but also building a better world by recycling.  In fact, it's one of our most sought after services.

Emergency Services

Scott Contracting has the experience, people and tools needed to help you regain control of your emergency situation - fire or flood, we are just a phone call away.