Corespan: Cracking Agent

icon crackitCorespan is a non-explosive, controlled demolition agent, designed to replace the traditional explosive methods of quarrying and demolition. It works by cracking reinforced concrete, rock, limestone, granite and marble, simply and safely.

Corespan allows for small, confined spaces to be saftely demolished, such as tight quarters with piping or wiring. It can also be used in fresh water environments such as lakes and rivers, with no harmful effects to plants and wildlife.

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 Drill Steel

icon drillsteelWe are a supplier of many types of high quality drill steel for pluggers, jack legs, benchers drills and hand held rock drills. Threaded drill steel styles that we stock are "H" thread drill steel and rope thread drill steel.

Rope thread drill steel is available in 1" rope (R25) 1-1/4" rope (R32) and 1-1/2" rope (R38). Rope thread drill steel is available as shanked steel or threaded both ends (extensions rods). T38 drill steel and accessories like bits, couplings and adapter couplings are also available.

Drill Bits

icon drillbits

We are a supplier of carbide cross bits and carbide button bits to fit 'H' thread drill steel, rope thread drill steel, and other types of drill steel for pluggers, jack legs, bencher drills, hand held rock drills etc.




Petrol Hammer Drill

icon hammerdrill

The Petrol Hammer Drill with its 2-stroke petrol engine, 300 rotations/minute and 15.2kg net weight. Drills and breaks concrete, asphalt, roads, rubble-laden ground, wood-block, stone paving, and similar building materials with ease.




Stone Trimming Hammers

icon trimhammerEach stone hammer is hand-made with old world craftsmanship. Thru-hardening allows them to keep a sharper and harder edge. Carbide tips cut stone easier and faster to reduce labor, fatigue and sharpening. Hickory handle included.