Cracking Agent:
$140.00 per box
- Discount available on larger quantities
Drill steel: 6' R32/R25:
Drill steel:10' R32/R25:
Drill button bit:
$75.00(1 1/2' R25)
Adapter Coupler:
Petrol Hammer Drill:
Stone Chisel and Hammers:
Price upon request

Note: Prices based on the Canadian dollar. Tax extra on all items.

  • Rockwall installation

    Do you want to turn your yard into a spectacular show piece? Our rock walls are visually appealing and relatively affordable. A well made rock wall such as ours can help you to reduce landscape maintenance. The rockwalls, steps and walkways are not only a skill but a labor of love. It's a great challenge to take a pile of jumbled boulders and rocks and skillfully stacking them into a wall that not only stays standing while retaining the soil but also looks attractive.

  • Rock hammering

    Our rock hammering is another alternative to drilling and cracking

  • Rock drilling

    Our Rock Drilling is a non-evasive method to do site investigation and mineral exploration.

  • Rock cracking

    We offer a particular non-explosive, controlled cracking agent called Corespan. It works great in small, confined spaces or in large quarry applications.

  • Quarrying

    Quarrying is an open pit mine from which rock or minerals are extracted. Our Quarries are generally used for extracting building materials such as dimension stone. Several types of rock are extracted such as: granite, marble, limestone, sandstone and slate.